Running Simulations Remotely

Virtual business environments

Running Simulations - Remotely

Remote running of a simulation is best suited to large events, similar to the one described under 'Behavioural applications', 'Morale building'. It allows people who are geographically widespread, and/or large numbers to participate, usually with the decision periods spread out over time.

Normally, control would be exercised centrally by Edit 515. Today's communication facilities make events like this fairly simple, using E-mail or a web-site to send and/or receive the simulation inputs and outputs. Manuals and other documentation can also be delivered electronically. Our help-line plays a significant part in making sure that the participants understand and know what is going on.

Using this methodology, Edit 515 has run simulations for non-managerial professional societies that felt a need to enhance their members' appreciation of the demands on management in running a business.