Running Simulations on-site Consultancy

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Running Simulations - On-site consultancy

To run a simulation on-site using Edit 515 consultants would be the preferred option where a short, one-off, or annual training event is involved.

Under this option, and following detailed discussion with the client of what the objectives are and the format to be used, our staff will organise and run the event with more or less involvement of local staff and equipment, as agreed. As a minimum Edit 515 will supply control staff, software and documentation; at the top end of the scale the contract could include venue, accommodation and catering, external tutors, hardware, software and documentation. Normally this approach would handle between 15 and 48 participants. Two or more parallel simulations could be run for larger numbers.

This method of access works equally well for behavioural or functional simulations. The difference lies in the skills of the tutorial staff.