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20th July 2023
It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of my dear friend
Dr Daniel Davidson. BSc., PhD..
previously Finance and Operations Director,
Edit 515 Limited.
Bill (as sole surviving founder of Edit 515 Limited) wishes to express his sincere and heartfelt condolences to Dan's wife (Mira) and family (Lorna, Campbell and Dana) at this very sad time.
I wish to acknowledge with gratitude, Dan's continuous and invaluable contribution to all that Edit 515 has achieved since our very first first meeting in May 1969. At that time Strathclyde University's Operational Research Department was challenged to create an interesting and unique experience for the International Junior Chamber of Commerce meeting later that year in Glasgow.
Dan and I (Research Students) together with David Hutchings and Ray Taylor (Research Fellows) accepted the challenge to meet, in our spare time, to create a Management 'Game'. The end product was enthusiastically received. Not only was this a very successful venture but it enabled us to develop our programming skills and fostered our life-long interest in mathematical and financial modelling.
That 'Game' was continuoisly developed and improved over the years to become first the Scotsman Management Game then marketed world wide by SDG Lisbon, Portugal as the Global Management Challenge (GMC).
It has been a priviledge and pleasure to know Dan, not just as a talented contributor and colleague, but as a personal friend. Dan will be very sadly missed by all who knew him, including our friends and colleagues from
SDG, in Lisbon, Portugal and the vast GMC community worldwide.
With sympathy,
Bill Armitage

8th February 2023
WARNING - Chinese 'Edit515' 'copy cat' domain names and websites.
Pleased be advised that the following Chinese domain names have no connection with
Edit 515 Limited

Avoid the following 'Copy Cat' Chinese domain names :-
Edit 515 Limited, was a UK based company that continued operating from 1970 until 2023.
They were the original designers of the
Global Management Challenge (GMC)
GMC was developed with, and marketed by, SDG (Lisbon, Portugal), our only legitimate partners
The above Chinese domain names may be an attempt to imply that they are associated with
Edit 515 Limited
They are NOT - They have nothing to do with Edit 515 nor SDG.

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Portugal intended hosting the 2019 International Final, from April 2020 in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.
The 40th Anniversary of the Global Management Challenge should have returned to Portugal but, unfortunately, the Global Pandemic, Covid-19, struck without warning and forced a postponement until a later date. This was due to the fact that different countries had varying lock-down and suppression of virus transmission strategies. A new date has yet to be decided. We should, by now, have been able to announce and crown the ounntry that prevailed to become the
GMC Global Champions for 2019'.
but this 40th Anniversary Global Management Final will take place as soon as circumstances permit and countries can again travel to meet and compete for that accolade.

Russia hosted the 2018 International Final, from 16th to 18th April 2019 in Ekaterinburg.
After two intense days of decision making under extreme time pressure, this culminated in the crowning of
Russia as the 'GMC Global Champions 2018'.

U.A.E. (United Arab Emerites) hosted the 2017 International Final, from 16th to 18th April 2018 in Dubia capital city of Dubai, one of 7 Emerites that collectively form the U.A.E. The Dubai Emerite is the second largest Emerite by area (Abu Dhabi is by far the largest) but Dubai has the largest population with just.under half the total population of the U.A.E. The Dubai Emerite lies at the Southern end of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is famed for its ultra modern architecture (including the 830m tall Burj Khalifa tower) and its lively sophisticated night life.

As usual the semi-final and the final of the GMC competition were both highly competitive and very closely contested affairs, the ultimate winner being the team to score the highest level of investment performance during the International Final. After two intense days of decision making under extreme time pressure, this culminated in the crowning of the
Czech Republic as the 'GMC Global Champions 2017'.

The U.A.E. were wonderful hosts to multi-disciplinary National Winners from 23 countries (representing 4 continents). The team members, both men and women, included bankers, students, company executives and trainees,

Qatar hosted the 2016 International Final, from 10th to 12th April 2017 in Doha capital city of Qatar. Located on the peninsular Persian (Arabian) Gulf this modern city possesses a beautiful downtown waterfront with numerous parks and the Corniche Promenade. The initiative was hosted by
Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) in co-operation with Adnar Group

The semi-final and the final of the GMC competition were both very closely contested affairs, the ultimate winner being the team to score the highest level of investment performance during the International Final. After two intense days of decision making under extreme time pressure, this culminated in the crowning of
Macau as the 'GMC winner 2016'.

The awards and gala dinner ceremony was held under the patronage of the
Deputy Governor of Qatar Central Bank, HE Sheikh Fahad Faisal al-Thani
who handed over the awards to the Macau, Russia and China teams for finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

The 2016 GMC international final saw strong competition among teams from a number of countries, including
Qatar, Angola, Brazil, China, Cape Verde, Czech Republic, Estonia, France,
Greece, Hong Kong, India, Kenya,Kuwait, Macau, Mexico, Morocco, Poland,
Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Slovak Republic, Spain and the UAE.
2016 GMC International Final Participants in Doha Qatar

2016 GMC International Final Participants

Macau SAR (China) hosted the 2015 International Final of the Global Management Challenge from 19th to 21st April 2016, with 26 national champion Teams qualifying to compete This marked an important milestone as this was the 20th anniversary of Macau's association with the Global Management challenge. The competition was held in the beautiful Sofitel Hotel, Spa and Casino complex and was organised in association with the Macau Management Association

The 2014 International Final was held in the beautiful city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, from 21st to 23rd April 2015. This was the first time that the Czech Republic hosted this International event.
The best manager and student teams from 22 countries from all over the world took part in the International Final of the Global Management Challenge, regarded by many as the 'Intellectual Olympiad' for those who are totally focussed on business and management problem solving. The participating countries were represented by the winning team from their national competition.

The 2013 International Final was the first one to be held using the new version of the simulator. This new version was used by all countries in the 2014 version of the Global Management Challenge. It brings significant new decisions that make the competition an even greater challenge for the competing teams and at the same time fully automates (and simplifies) the many tasks that the country controllers must perform. The new decisions are related to green issues, training, production outsourcing. carbon emissions and share issues and repurchases. The winning team is decided by a new criterion: Investment Performance.

Launched in Portugal in 1980, by Simuladores e Modelos de Gestao (SDG) and the Expresso newspaper, more than 400 000 competitors ranging from company executives to university students have participated worldwide.

The Global Management Challenge, designed and developed in the U.K. by Edit 515 Ltd. organised and marketed by from Portugal by SDG, has become a high profile and visible event in more than 30 countries where it is held, adding prestige to the many participating organizations.

The International Final, where the winning teams of each country compete for the World Title, is a milestone and prestigious event, which provides a unique experience of contact between different cultures and the reality of competing at an international level.

This is now the 35th edition, all of which have involved continuous development over the years. Most involve subtle but significant changes and alterations to the core models, with decisions changing to reflect current practices and real-life economic coditions. Major improvements and significant upgrades to the Global Management Challenge models are made strategically, creating different challenges that the participants must analyse and solve. You can access the latest International Newsletter (dated March 2015).