Running Simulations - Annual Licence

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Running Simulations - Annual licence

The licensee is supplied with the simulation package on a CD which includes all of the necessary executive software, HTML on-line operating and participant manuals (also supplied as MS-Word documents and at least two simulation start positions in MS-Excel..

Responsibility for organising events will lie with the licensee, with full details given in the operating manual. Logistic details for accommodation, catering, etc. need organisation. Tutors, or observers, must be briefed about their roles.

The licensee may find it useful to bring in Edit 515 consultants to assist with the first simulation that is run.

Software is supplied in a copy-protected format and can only be installed on a single specified PC. The software will cease to function at the end of the licence period unless it is renewed. An Edit 515 help-desk is available.

The licence method of access is particularly suitable for use by training service providers, and academic institutions, where regular use of the simulation is expected.