Available Simulations - Bespoke

Virtual business environments

Bespoke Simulations

Designed by David Hutchings (and others) for individual customers

1962-1964: Analogue (Electronic) simulation of paper machines

1965-1986: Simulations of building site operations

1969-1970: Business Game for Glasgow Chamber of Commerce (forerunner of Topaz-Vbe)

1974-1984: General Management Games for Ashridge

1979-1995: 2 General Management Games for Bowater (REXAM)

1980-1982: General Management Game for KODAK

1982-1989: Financial Management Game for TEXACO & PICKER (GEC)

1983-2000: Dealership simulation for FORD Motor Company

1984-1988: Project Management Games for RACAL & PLESSEY

1995-1996: Strategic Business Game for the Co-operative Society

1970-20 - - Ongoing development of a wide range of EDIT 515 games & simulations