Available Simulations - Topaz-Vbe

Virtual business environments

Topaz-Vbe is a complex business simulation which can accommodate up to eight competing teams. It can be used for both behavioural and/or functional objectives, depending on the amount of time that is allowed for decision making.

Topaz-Vbe covers the marketing of three products in four areas; thus the marketing plan (covering pricing, advertising, selling, quality and design) and consequent forecasts in the face of competition from the other teams, are vital elements. Production is a two stage process of manufacture and assembly, dependent on efficient use of the available machine time and assembly workers. Personnel needs to ensure sufficient staff in a competitive work place; and Finance must ensure adequate funds are available.

Topaz-Vbe is available with a variety of pre-start positions. Depending on the choice of start, each simulation offers different business problems to be solved. Under-financing, tight labour market, declining or explosive market growth, etc. The periodic Management Reports provide a wealth of data allowing teams to make objective decisions.

For more detail, see the Topaz online manual (will open in a new window, or tab).