Available Simulations - Emerald-Vbe

Virtual business environments

Emerald-Vbe is a business simulation that can accommodate up to eight competing teams. It is not quite as complex as Topaz-Vbe but, nevertheless, it is still challenging (see below). There are just 32 periodic decisions to make compared with 67 in Topaz-Vbe.

It can be organised as a behavioural or functional exercise, depending on the amount of time allowed for decision-making. The same pressure principle applies. One hour, or one-and-a-half hours, per decision is usually sufficient (although a longer period may be set for the first decisions to give teams a chance to be familiar with the decision-making process). The shorter the time, the less detailed will be the analysis.

Emerald-Vbe covers the marketing of two products in three areas; thus the marketing plan is less challenging than Topaz-Vbe. The other corporate functions are similar. Production is a two stage process of manufacture and assembly, dependent on efficient use of the available machine time and assembly workers. Personnel needs to ensure that sufficient staff are available (by recruiting or training) in a competitive market for skilled people; and Finance must ensure that adequate funds are available.

Like Topaz-Vbe, Emerald-Vbe has a variety of pre-start positions. Depending on the choice of start, each simulation offers different business problems to be solved.

For more detail, see the online Emerald manual (will open in a new window, or tab).