Simulations Formats - Objectives

Virtual business environments

Simulations in Management Training - What are your objectives?

First, these objectives must be defined and analysed. Are they behavioural or functional? The answer defines the time to be allocated - if they are strongly behavioural, then the simulation should be brief, not more than two days covering, say, 6 decision periods. If the objectives are functional, then the simulation could be spread over several days or weeks, say, 6 or 8 decision periods with relatively short team meetings in between.

How are the HRM objectives to be met? Do the teams need to be observed or tutored? Does data need to be gathered for analysis? Will the teams/individuals be asked to report or present their views? What will happen after the simulation is over?

What simulation will do the job? It can be simple, or complex depending on the degree of involvement and expected reaction of the participants.

How many people are to take part? What size should the teams be?

From this preliminary overview, the requirement for facilities - rooms, computing equipment, meals, accommodation and tutorial support can be assessed.