Experiential Learning - English

Virtual business environments

English - as a Foreign language training

One of our simulations was used on a regular basis by a German company. It is keen to improve the ability of its middle managers and supervisors to speak commercial English.

An Edit 515 tutor, assisted by an English speaking member of the company's staff, take several teams at a time through the simulation using English documentation and discuss business issues with the participants in English. At the end, each team is expected to make a presentation in English.

Edit 515 simulations are designed to facilitate translation into various languages other than English. For the controllers, the simulator programs and Operator Manuals are always in English but language files are provided so that controller's can replace the English with their own country's language. Thus the language file for the decision sheet program, distributed to participants, can either be in English (which is the default language), or translated into any other country's language. The Excel Masks would also require translation as would the User Manual. The translation is the responsibility of the country controller.
The Global Management Challenge country controllers have already translated their decision sheets, result spreadsheets and user manuals into their own country language.
But many particpating teams prefer still to use the default language (English) as part of their training because increasingly, English is becoming, if not already established as, the International language of business. In such circumstances, the participants not only are introduced to the complexity of managing their own company but the also gain valuable experience in using Business terms in English.