Management Simulations

Virtual business environments

20th July 2023
It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of my dear friend
Dr Daniel Davidson. BSc., PhD..
previously Finance and Operations Director,
Edit 515 Limited.
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International Business Management Simulation Training

Management simulations (or business simulations) are based on realistic business situations. They provide an almost unlimited range of virtual business environments (Vbe) for managers to learn about business and develop their managerial decision-making skills.

Human Resource Managers (HRM) now use Virtual business environments because they motivate and involve the participants. At their simplest, Vbe simulations are ideal for 'ice-breaking' and team building. As complexity increases, they expose individuals to interactive and competitive situations in an increasingly realistic simulated environment.

Edit 515 have 50 years' experience in designing business simulations and using them for management development throughout the various business sectors, worldwide.

Our experience maximises the potential to create exciting, challenging and absorbing Virtual business environments for a wide range of management training objectives.