An EDIT 515 Virtual business environment

User Manual

Part 1


This Management Simulation is based on a realistic business situation, in which a number of virtual companies, represented by the teams taking part, compete against one another within a common business environment.

A complex computer model simulates -

Your task is to manage one of these companies as if it were a real business.

This manual explains -

It contains clickable hyperlinks for -

For example, see more detail on how to use this manual.


Your company can be considered to have four main management functions -

  1. Marketing
  2. Operations
  3. Personnel
  4. Finance

One of the main aims of this simulation is to illustrate the interactions between these four functions.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of achieving a good balance in order to achieve your objectives.

This can best be achieved by good organisation, effective communication and teamwork. Therefore, you should organise (see Guidance Note) your team to carry out the duties of senior management.

Control of your company is exercised through two documents:

The Management Report
This shows your company performance in the quarter just completed.
The Decision Form
The printed sheet, or computer screen in which you make decisions for next quarter.


You are trying to win by maximising your company's prospects for the future so that, at the end of the simulation, your company has the highest share price.

To achieve this target you need to develop a company strategy (see Guidance Note).

Once you have a strategy you can work out the tactics to make that strategy happen.

Company History

You are given a brief history of your company covering the period immediately before the simulation starts, including the decisions which generated these results.

This history consists of the Management Reports for several quarters (usually five). All companies taking part have the same history, so that each starts from an identical position.

The following sample report is taken from history GM05. You may find it helpful to refer to it, occasionally, while reading this manual.

Right clicking the link below will enable you to open it in a new tab or window -


The contents of the Management Report are described in detail elsewhere (see Index at left)


Having assessed the situation and decided what you want to do, complete your first Decision Form and submit it for processing, in accordance with the published timetable. In return you will receive a Management Report which tells you what has happened to your company as a result of the decisions you have taken. Use this information to improve your knowledge of the workings of your company and of the market. Then make the next set of decisions ... and so on to the end of the simulation.

Additional points

Before proceeding to the rest of the Manual, there are several points which need to be explained: